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Снабженная большим количеством фотоматериала история Третьего рейха .


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His opponents were later, somewhat unfairly, to accuse him of desiring to do so at any price. Though prepared in 1938 to sacrifice the national territory of Czechoslovakia—‘a far-off country of which we know little’—he regarded that capitulation as unavoidable in Britain’s current state of military unreadiness, which he was simultaneously working to change, through a program of rapid rearmament. By 1939 he had accepted that Germany’s territorial ambitions could no longer be tolerated by the Western powers and, with France, issued guarantees of protection to Poland.

Churchill ordered the British Mediterranean Fleet to destroy the French Navy by bombardment in July 1940. The operation became known as the Mers-el- Damaskinos, Archbishop, 1891–1949 After the Germans had been forced out of Greece, CHURCHILL and EDEN wanted to restore the monarchy in Greece. They were prevented from doing 39 De Gaulle, General Charles Darnand, Joseph Kebir incident. In February 1941 Darlan became Vice-Premier to Pétain in the Vichy government. He tried to co-operate with HITLER to better conditions in France and to achieve more concessions and freedom for France but was all but ignored by Hitler.

Few people joined him at first because he was regarded as a traitor but he determined to try to annex France’s colonies and continue the fight against Germany. The first attempt was to take the port of Dakar, Operation Menace, in October 1940, but this ended in disaster when the French forces under BOISSON refused to surrender and the British ships off Dakar suffered extensive damage. De Gaulle also convinced CHURCHILL that the French in Syria were ready to desert Germany but when the joint British and Free French forces invaded in June 1941 they faced stiff Darnand, Joseph 1897–1945 Darnand was notorious for his organization of the Milice, the militarized police force of the Vichy Regime.

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